Well the title of this  blog may shock you a bit, but sometimes knowingly or unknowingly, the biggest bullies in a child’s life are his parents. Sometimes knowingly, and many a times unknowingly we bully our children.

The basic duty of parents is to help make our kids, rough and tough for the world and in the same process we adopt strictness. We feel that kids are innocent and do not understand much, they easily forget whatever is said to them and therefore it is cool to make fun of them. The reality is somewhat different. Children quiet often remember how parents bully them and make fun of them during their childhood days.

Have you seen the serial Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai, wherein Indravadan Sarabhi openly bullies his adult Son Rosesh Sarabhai in front of all the guests and family members. As a  sitcom it may seem  funny but in reality, it may be disastrous for any child to go through the  same.


What we forget as parents is that our children are more influenced by what we say. Yes. We do not deliberately bully them but our actions indirectly affect them. Here are a few ways in which you may be hurting or bullying your child emotionally:

  1. Constantly comparing your child;
  2. Constantly nagging them about their physical features, such as height, weight, body structure, Facial Features;
  3. By constantly discouraging them to pursue their interest;
  4. By making them an item for display by asking them to perform for the guest, who come home. Not every child is happy performing;
  5. Shouting at them, just because they did not say hello or hi to a particular uncle or aunty, who were your friends;
  6. Criticizing your child in public, displaying their weakness in public is an action that breaks their confidence completely;
  7. Hitting or abusing your child in public;
  8. Sharing their embarrassing moments or pictures in public;
  9. Refusing to show affection or support to your child in public is also a type of bullying. Children need the support of their parents the most, when outsiders bully them;

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These are just a few actions,which generally almost all parents do, directly or indirectly. The intention is not to support the wrong actions of your child but to gently rectify their mistakes and to support them in correcting their mistakes. You do not have to be harsh to them while rectifying their mistakes but must be careful to see that you do not do it publicly.


 Some children, who are bullied by their parents since childhood turn into hating their  parents in future, because they were deprived of the love that they were entitled to during their childhood. Bullying leaves a life long effect on your child’s tender mind.

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