Critic, Reviews and Negative People

India is one of the few countries, where freedom of speech is available for its citizens. This same freedom allows us to criticize our government, our people and most importantly art work. With the cheap availability of smart phones, even more cheaper, internet plans and immense access to social media, almost every other person feels cool, when he criticises someone.

For Example: If you see some of the very prominent Twitter Id’s, they are nothing but trolls, who feel that the best way to survive is by criticising anything and everything without having basic knowledge on the subject. These days with Blog portals being easily accessible for many, a lot of people have taken into writing as a hobby. Writing is an art and trust me only few can share their share their ideas with beautiful thoughts.

Coming down to the topic of of my blog Critics, Reviews and Negative People, Let me explain you one basic difference, all three are three different people.


A critic is someone, who is an expert in a subject, and has an authority to assess the subject. For example, may be Food, Film or Books. He is someone who has years of experience in that particular field and can offer his technical knowledge as a constructive review for the product or the art work. The inputs of the Critic are more important for the Author or the Writer than the end user consumers.


A Reviewer is someone, who may or may not be an authority in the subject, but is well read and knowledgeable person, who understands the subject or the product and then reviews it for other users. For example: Review of a product, mentioning your experience, so that it would be useful for others to buy.

The purpose of a review is to encourage other buys to buy the product or to help them take decision. Review of the product is generally done, when the product is new in the market. Generally marketing Companies approach those users too review, who are influencers and fit into those perfect consumer groups. For  Example: They would get a woman who is a mother, with X number of followers, to review a Baby Product or a Home Appliance, because she would be someone who has used them both and has first hand experience.

There are people who’s profession is to review  products. Yes, they are paid decently well depending on their followers but just because it is a paid review does not mean that they would write only positive about the product or the book. It is important for the Author or the Product manufacturers, to take their feedback in a constructive manner and then try to improve your product based on it.


A Negative Person is a person, who even before looking into the product or the art work, just keeps on criticizing your work, just for the sake of bringing you down. They are usually found within your close circle of people and  also known on the Internet as Trolls. The primary duty of these people is to criticize without understanding the basics of the subject.

It is important to have a Critic and Reviewer in your life to help you understand your mistakes and help you grow. Simultaneously, it is also important to not get too overwhelmed, by their praises or be too depressed by their harsh comments. You have to learn to take their comments with a pinch of salt and think before you apply their inputs.

And with respect to trolls and negative people, just keep them as far as possible from your lives.

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