Balancing Profession and Hobby

By Profession, I am a lawyer but my hobby is writing. My love for law and writing was so deep that I took an undergraduate course in Journalism and then proceeding to study law. If there was one thing that I could never give up in my life, then that is writing. Writing has always been an integral part of me. I always wanted to note down every emotion I went through, sometimes I managed to write, sometimes, it just got engraved in my mind.


I restarted writing, since the last two years and trust me nothing has made me more happier, than being able to write once again. But writing alone does not help, one needs readers also. True but not always. Unfortunately, in our society only your payscale is valued and not your skill set. When I told people, that I also blog, their first reaction would be

don’t you want to grow in your profession?

“why are you wasting your time doing some non-sense like writing”

“Any body can write a blog what is the big deal? Why are you showing off?? Do you earn money out of it?”

“Its ok that you write, but do you have audience.”

These are some of the comments that I recall. Like a wise person, I just did one thing. Quietly ignored them. Yes I am doing decently well in my profession. Yes I have a family to look after but that does not mean I need to give up my hobby. A hobby is not something that you write about during your school essays to fetch you 5 marks during your exams. A Hobby is something that you pursue, through the maximum time span of your life, so that it can help you rejuvenate. A hobby is something that helps you deal with the stress over the week and makes you physically and mentally fresh and stronger post the weekend.

Yes, our hectic schedules make it next to impossible to pursue our hobbies, but any ways it is much better than telling your children and grandchildren that I was a good artist or a good sportsperson in my younger days. Your next generation, may or may not appreciate your sacrifices but they would definitely appreciated how despite different circumstances, you managed to keep your hobby alive for so many years. 

Probably, the real reason why, so many people especially youngsters, suffer from different lifestyle diseases is because they prefer to  rely on substance abuse than to do substantially materialistic things. Some of the hobbies that won’t burn a hole in your pocket and still help you relax and grow are:

  1. Gardening: Yes cities, have space problems and therefore you may not be able to have full fledged garden,but definitely you can have a couple of pots in your kitchen or assist your building gardener over the weekend. 
  2. Drawing/ Manadala/ Zentangle: I am a person, who cannot even draw a straight line even with a scale. My entire family from my father’s side have artistic hand but I have always loved one art form Mehendi. I came across a lot of zentangle designs, online and started practicing it. All I required was a paper and a pen. Trust me, the way it helped me calm down, relax and open my mind, no amount of motivational seminar would have done that. 
  3. Read: When I say read, it does not mean reading facebook post. You can always read good books online. The internet is a vast space and you can always select the subject of your choice. Kind avoid bollywood gossip and similar things. 
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  4. Walk: You just need a pair of decent footwear to walk down. Walking is the most inexpensive physical exercise. Just walk down your lane, and see what different people are doing, strike a conversation with a stranger in the market. (Please understand the difference between striking a conversation and flirting).
  5. DIY Arts:- The Internet is full of DIY art work. Art may not fetch you money but over the weekend it can definitely help you calm down your mind. It is one of the best activities, that you can do it along with your family members and ensure that all of you spend quality time. 
  6. Sports: Sports and Sports gears are expensive hobbies, but gully cricket is still manageable. You can always walk down with your cricket bats, sport shoes in your shorts and play cricket. There is nobody to stop you. You can always play badminton with your children, or a game of chess with your child. The entire family can gather around over the carom table or play cards to spend a Sunday evening instead of walking down to the mall. 

Our Life is a gift of God and only you are responsible for the same. Instead of crying in your 60’s or 70’s about how badly your life treated you, enjoy every moment of the same. I once met an auto driver on my way home, he was singing classical ragas, whenever the rick stopped at the signal. On asking him more, he told me he played tabla in bollywood movies. He had immense knowledge of classical music but one thing that he told me will always remain etched in my mind.

“Madam, gaadi toh signal par ruki  hai, agar main riyaz karu toh mera kuch nuksaan toh nahi hai na. Shayad main wapas film industry mein ja nahi saku magar riyaz karne mein harz hi kya hai!!”‘

Do tell me about your hobbies in the comment section below.

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