She is a SuperMom and yes she is Mitali Jakatdar

So the Idea of this Column is to fulfill my childhood passion of writing Biographies. Yes my favorite subject is people and who are the most interesting people than mothers themselves. So presenting my first small Biography on none other than SuperMom Mitali.

Mitali is a mother of 2 Beautiful daughters and 2 Canine babies, so in all she is mommy of 4 kids. I am sure it is next to impossible to imagine a house with 4 kids. I had an opportunity to ask a few questions to her, which she obliged and I am definitely sure, her experience would definitely be helpful to a lot of other mothers.


Tell me a bit about your childhood. What was your childhood dream? 

OH, I was born and raised in a small town in the outskirts of Mumbai. Both my parents were working professionals so taking care of my own self was always my primary responsibility. Growing up I was always attracted to media…writing, acting, dancing so yeah basically I wanted to be an actress and you know I did try.

What is that one thing that you are passionate about? Are you still following your passion?

I am passionate about writing, trekking, watching movies, makeup, clothes, shopping, and yes I love the whole Parenting realm and working with kids. So yes with I am pursuing my dream. It gives me a platform to write, interview people, work with kids, perform in front of the camera. So yes!

What role does social media play in your life? How social are you in real life ?

Ohh…social media plays a very important role in my life, we are a part of a big social setup. We basically use it to spread whatever I am feeling at the moment to share it with the world. I am really social in real life. I love meeting new people and talking to them… Staying at home is not in my nature at all.

Pic 3

Start up culture is emerging now but still our society is very prejudiced towards start-ups. Have you faced any such prejudice?

Ohh yes…SuperMOM HQ is set up in 91 Springboard BKC, which houses a number of startups (You wont even believe how many startups are housed here). We as a society still do not encourage startups but jobs are rather encouraged and this puts people like us who are entrepreneurial in nature in a tight spot. I have faced this prejudice when I started my first venture- a video production house, the second time was a bit easy.

What are the general stereotypes that a person faces during funding? How can we be better prepared for it?

Generally…People will judge you if you are a woman entrepreneur without a fancy business degree or if there is a male founder on your team, the VCs will take him more seriously. (This has happened with me many times over) We can just be prepared with it by approaching woman venture capitalists/ funding advisors or by not taking it to your heart.

How close are you to your childhood dream? Are you doing exactly the same thing that you wanted to do as a child?

My childhood dream was to be an actress but I am not clearly one right now so I am not pursuing my dream exactly but…found a way to be an influencer/digital celebrity which is close to a actress so yeah found a way around my dream.

Were you ever lost in life professionally? How did you come out of that vicious circle?

OMG I was totally lost for a good number of years before I moved on to the digital world. I started working in 2006 which is a pre Facebook and smart phones era so things were totally different back then. I have seen Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram develop and become something that we cannot live without. What got me out of that circle was an ambition, wish and a seamless desire to build a brand for myself. Thank God I have to fall back on and an excellent support system at home.

Your mantra for work-life balance.

I don’t have a mantra that way. I try and spend some time in a day with all my kids and husband. 2 canine babies and 2 human babies and my husband. Family is very important to me.

Any suggestions/tips for the readers.

Read the whole interview and follow us on all our social media channels and the website. We are trying to be ever so meaningful for you mommies and daddies.

I am sure this interview, would have definately inspired you to follow your childhood dreams. Everyone faces problems, but it is more important to learn from them and move on. 

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