How I dealt with stage fear

Since  Childhood, I was a very reticent person and writing was my way of expression. The first time, I went on stage was when I was 5 years, in senior K.G. To recite the thirsty crow story. From here, began my relationship with the stage. Dancing was something, that made me happy, it just took me to another world.

Fast Forward to my college years, during my Mass Media days, there was not a single occasion, when I did not host an event on the stage. While many those around me, were gripped with stage fear, I was full of excitement, whenever, I went on to the stage. There was always this beautiful sensation, that arose, which I cannot express in words here.

Stage fright is a natural phenomenon to be frank sometimes even I get the same and here is how I dealt with the same:

Preparing the right content:

  1. Be prepared with your content thoroughly;
  2. Do not mug up your content, while, it may help you to a certain extent but a lot of times your audience may find it too mechanical and may not relate to you;
  3. Always prepare your content, considering the mindset of your audience. For example, if you are going to prepare your talk in English before a majority of Hindi speaking audience, then definitely, your talk is not going to impress the audience. Always ask, who are the set of audience and prepare your content as per their wavelength;
  4. Your language of communication should be the one is which, you are most comfortable. If possible do not choose to address in a language that you are not well versed with;
  5. There is no stringent rule to use fancy language and unique vocabulary, sometimes, even the most simplest content has the most powerful impact on people.

Body Language:

  1. Always stand on both your legs, standing for prolonged hours on one leg can also harm your body;
  2. Always dress comfortably as per the occasion, do not overdo it. Your comfort on the stage  is  what is more important.For example,it is  not mandatory to wear high heels while presenting;
  3. Always maintain eye contact, with your audience, do not let them feel left out;
  4. If possible avoid carrying long sheets of your speech, but carry small chits, with pointers, so that they don’t confuse you;
  5. Mingle, with your audience before your speech, this will help you calm your nerves;
  6. Generally 15 mins before my speech or talk, I read it for one last time,  and then to calm down I usually play candy crush or any other similar games.

Always remember, it is acceptable to be slow, it is not necessary that the louder you get, the more people would agree with you, so do not go overboard, and control your emotions. Do not get emotional on the stage. Politely answer the question, if you cannot answer  the questions, you can always buy time.

The most important enjoy your time, be on the stage because you want to do it,not because  you were forced to do it..