When I took my toddler for his first movie

My son is 3 and half years and making him sit in one place for more than 10 mins is the biggest task. I usually take him out for my meetings and conferences, but the max he sits in one place is 20 mins, if not anything he needs a loo break just for fun to play around in the water. Given the scenario I felt it was time, that we took him for his first movie.

So what were the challenges and how did I face them…


to Well, travelling with kids is anytime a challenge for unseen circumstances, which always put you in a fix. I told my kid since morning that we are going see cartoon on a Big TV. For that we have to go a little far. He was all excited. As luck would have it..thanks to the Mumbai Traffic and the End of the Season Sale, we reached some good 20 mins late to the Multiplex. Parking was a tough challenge, so I asked my husband to drop us near the entrance of the Mall. By the time he could find the parking, I took him to the washroom, freshened him up, he was all excited to use the hand dryer and showed him a couple of animated movie posters. By that time, my husband walked in and we went inside the theatre.

We were some what 30 mins late by now, it means, we had successfully skipped the ads and the titles I guess of the movie. I was a bit disappointed but in reality it turned out to be a boon. When we entered the theatre, my son saw other kids already seated and watching big cartoons. It was a 3D Movie, though he did not wear the glasses I am sure he was fascinated seeing the Big Colourful characters come to life. By the time, his fascination for the Big screen and the colourful characters wore off, it was time for the interval.

During the interval, we again the fun loo visit, played a bit with the hand dryer and grabbed our pop corns. His behaviour completely changed during the second half of the movie. Sitting alone in his big seat, with his own popcorn, he felt like an adult, he was now completely into the movie. He enjoyed the popcorn and by the time the popcorn got over, it was time for us to leave. Though a little delay happened, It was an awesome experience of watching the Incredibles 2, which is an amazing movie for children and adults on the big screen.

Here is what I learnt from this experience:

  1. Ensure, the kids have an empty bladder before entering the Theatre, as the temperature inside is low;
  2. Make them wear double T-shirts or carry an extra jacket with you.(I had made my son wear 2 T-Shirts and a full Pant);
  3. Mentally prepare them to sit for longer duration of time;
  4. If possible reach the Theatre after the show begins, you may miss some 5 to 10 mins of the movie but they would be horribly bored to see the ads and that would definitely frustrate them;
  5. Fill their tummies during the break time;
  6. Select movies, which are colourful and less violent;
  7. Make them familiar with the characters of the movies before hand, so that they are excited to see their favourite cartoon on screen.
  8. These are just general tips, our kids definitely, know how to surprise us and catch us off guard, sometimes, even despite following all of the above, you may still be subject to tantrums….

That’s what parenthood is all about. ……..

Do let me know about your first movie experience with your children.


  1. My experience is totally funny… They are calling hero as an uncle.. So asking loudly why that uncle do this and that 😦 but in second half they just settled down with popcorn so I thought there should be more popcorn!!! But I always try that they were confortable clothes rather than trendy.


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