Mistakes I made as a Blogger

Writing was something that I had been always doing but publishing was something that I recently started doing. Its been almost 2 years now, since I wrote my first blog on momspresso. While, I say I write to express and not impress, it really helps any writer, when we have an audience.

I have always been amazed by how, some of the people in my friend list on social media would post any random image and get 100’s of likes and I would be simultaneously struggling to get one like on my post. Desperate to get that one like, I would call and text my friends and literally beg them to like or comment on that post, wherein I had shared my article.  A few times, when I had initially started blogging, I would send my blogs to almost everyone on my WhatsApp list. Most of the times, as usual there would be no replies.

There was a point of time, when I was totally shattered because of non-response to my blog and then I just stopped pushing it to people over WhatsApp. One fine day, when I became a bit more smarter, I was randomly sitting and checking the number of views that each of my blogs had and surprisingly, they were close to a lakh on some and close to a couple of thousands on  the others and even a few hundreds on some. I started analysing, where I was going wrong.

I sat down and made a note of which blog, I had shared where. Till then I was not aware about different Facebook groups, which were formed by people, who shared the same subject interest. I read millions of articles, saw youtube videos and followed them, spoke to my friends on topics that I should write about and started writing as per these suggestions. I failed miserably, because, I tried to blend in the trend and in that process, I lost my originality.

The sensible thing, to do now, was to stop following the so called success mantra’s written. The reason why a blog is different from a newspaper article is because, they reflect a person’s opinion, which is unbiased and gives a fresh outlook, unlike a newspaper or a News Channel, which feeds a ready made view point of a third party. I scratched everything and started to write continuously just for myself, without being bothered about who is reading and who is not.

Once I made up my mind, there was no looking back. I kept on looking for the relevant hashtags, became more active on twitter and shared my post in the right group on Facebook. Even though today, there are no much comments when I share a blog with my  peer, but I get sufficient response when I share it in the right group. The biggest mistake that I had made as a blogger was not respecting my niche.

Yes, the content that I write is niche, and therefore I had to present it in front of the audience who likes to read niche content or serious content. I was forcing down my content in front of the wrong audience and therefore everything was bouncing  back so badly to me.

Blogging is all about expressing but while publishing you have to be sensible and not emotional. Ignore the number of likes or comments that people write on your page because the portals and the admin in the end have the real numbers. Create your own niche and excel in the same.

Be your own audience and the biggest critic.

And that is how I became a blogger by living my life one day at a time.