Ensuring Safety while bathing a newborn..My Experience

I love babies! I have always enjoyed playing with the neighbourhood kids, especially toddlers and volunteer and assist their mothers in feeding them, bathing them or just entertaining them. When my son was born, the one thing that I was most excited about was finally having my own bundle of joy with no limited baby time so that I could spend all my hours with him. Isn’t that wonderful?!

Along with a baby, a mother is born as well. Though I was excited about having this precious munchkin in my life, but I was always concerned about his safety. I was a little skeptical about everything that revolved around him. From the cleanliness of the hands of the people who touched him to, the clothes that he wore, to the volume of speech, of the guest who came to visit him. One thing that I had decided was that nobody would bathe my child except me, but because I had a C section, I could not do it immediately. So, after the customary 28 days, I started bathing him myself.

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