A Dinner Date

Ananya and Siddharth were married for about 8 years now. They were both well to do, good income, perfect house and parents to a lovely daughter who was now almost 6 years old. Their life was perfect from the outside to the world but it was as mundane as it would get.

Like every couple they had their own share of high’s and low’s. They never did any couple things like others did but yet had a strong marriage built on love and compromise. Time slowly passed and with time the moments they spent together also reduce. Marriage between them was now only a paper tiger and just a formality. Leave alone a second honeymoon, it had been years since they even went out for a simple dinner in these years.

Ananya had her own interior designing firm and worked on assignment basis and Siddharth was at a senior position in a Corporate firm. The last time they went for a dinner as a couple was something when their daughter wasn’t even born. Anaya had been continuously asking Siddharth to take her out for dinner or even lunch atleast once, but Siddharth for some strange reason never had time, he had time to celebrate a friend’s birthday, friend’s homecoming from abroad but never had two hours to even take his wife  for a simple sandwich downstairs.

They would have millions of fights but still Siddharth was stubborn never to take his wife for dinner it seems. His excuses were creative and they viscous cycle never seemed to end. Ananya was at the peak of frustration and one fine day decides to visit the nearby eatery in the mall, which was hosting a food festival. In order to forget her pain of not having her husband with her, she put her phone on airplane mode and just started relishing the food. She spoke to the chef and met other food lovers who had come alone just like her, because their love and admiration for food was much more than their love for anyone else.

The food festival was to go on for next 2 days and with her newly found friends. Ananya would drop their daughter Shanaya to school and then head to the food festival. Desserts do help in not only destressing you but it also helped Ananya forget the fights she had with Siddharth. The only reason why she wanted to go out for a lunch or dinner with Siddharth was because she enjoyed his company and was a hopeless romantic but now she was enjoying this new company.

On all the 3 days she met different groups of people, discussed and talked about food and now she felt that this experience has to be shared and therefore, she decided to post it on all her social media sites. The pictures taken by her were so good that within a few hours she got maximum  likes on Instagram and her followers increased tremendously. Now Ananya, head alone to the nearest hotel for Lunch and enjoys it, she does not argue with Siddharth but shares her experience with the world.

Ananya is now a frequent face at the food festivals around the city. She has been invited by several Restaurants to review their food. The Owners of the hotel dine with her to impress her so that she can give good review about them. Yes, it is true that food can be best enjoyed when you have the perfect company, but the perfect company can be you yourself.

Its ok, sometimes things do not work out and it is not necessary that just because you are a couple you need to enjoy those couple things together like in movies. People can have their own choice of company also. At the end of the day, the main motto of life is to live happily.



  1. That’s so true! One should move beyond the traditional mindset of doing & enjoying.. basically living your life only with your souse. But one should definitely take out time to spend with oneself alone . It’s important for self discovery.


  2. Sometimes some things in life are best enjoyed in the company of your own self. As it is rightly said, love thyself before you love others! Enjoyed reading your post.


  3. It is sad that this is the situation with most married couples. They revolve around their world around one person and when expectations are not met, cracks begin to develop. Always good to be doing your own thing while you find new things to do as a couple.


  4. thats my mantra of life. I do spend some me time with myself. There has been so many time i have gone out all alone to have coffee. its not always necessory i need to do everything with my hubby and kids. i love myself as well.


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