Why Social Media is one the reasons behind an Unhappy Mom

I was surprised, when I received an email from Momspresso for a survery, to check the Happiness Index amongst the children. Happiness of a mother is almost like a myth because thanks to the Media the pressure to be the perfect mom is increasing day by day. To add to it, social media has not only become a platform for expressing but it is indirectly increasing the competition among st the mothers to be the best among st their peers, whether it is school friends, college friends, colleagues, husband’s colleagues, neighbours, distant relatives or just a random person.

Today Social Media, plays a major role in a mom’s life. Apart from posting latest selfies and vacation pics and your child’s achievements, ever mom goes to the social media in order to find a solution for every small or big problem, right from sex issues, to post partum depression to even in-laws crisis.  Social Media, in an inevitable part of our lives. Social Media has made us believe in a way that the grass is always greener on the other side and grass on your side is always undernourished and dry. How much to trust the social media and let it influence your life, should be your decision ? Unfortunately, the moment you see a friend on a vacation at an exotic location or at a fancy restaurant sans you, that is definitely the day when there would be a volcanic eruption at home.

The idea behind social media was to connect with your old friends and distant relatives and to have relax and destress yourself but today it seems that social media is one of the reasons for stress. Everyone wants to know how their best friend who  probably has less resources than you is more happier, forgetting to appreciate what you have. Many a times I have seen moms getting upset because they don’t have that perfect selfie with their children, what gets even worst is when the peer pressure caused by social media also affects the children and family lives.

It is true that some mommy may have a perfect figure and look picture perfect but can u see the unhappiness of due to ignorance of her family behind those eyes…

Some mommy may have a child who is good in studies as well as other activities but that does not mean that your child is any less.

Some mommy may have a beautiful palatial house, but do you know about the amount of loan they took for that house. 

Some mommy may cook a 10 course  meal for their family, but can you imagine the amount of stress that she is going through

Some mommy may be on a beautiful vacation but are they really relaxing as a family or fighting? 

Internet has made the world a smaller place and it is good to be a part of this global village. The problem is when the green monster awakens, it creates a little bit of problem in our peaceful minds. 

Dear Mommies, we all love you irrespective, please don’t fall into this glamorous  trap created by social media. You will still be the best mommy if your son wakes up at 9 am instead of 6 am,

you will still be the best mommy even if your house is not well kept,

you will still be the best mommy if your post partum tummy is still there,

you are still the best mommy if you cannot cook a 10 course meal daily

Admire yourself, don’t wait for certification from the social media. 

You are still the best even if your profile picture has no likes. 

It is time that we live for ourselves and stop getting influenced by unnecessary things.

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  1. Amen sister. I totally agree with you social media is causing so much social anxiety in our culture today. I am a new blogger as well. Please check out my blog at mylaidoffstory.com.


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