I had stopped smiling, living life,
when I first met you, 
It was not that it was love 
at first sight for me, 
Infact I was always irritated 
by your prescence.
I never realised when irritation turned into comfort, 
When I started to desire to be the reason behind that smile, 
I never realised the path I wanted to walk was,
from your eyes to your smile to reach your heart. 
By the time I realised it you had gone away, 
I had given up hopes and expectations to find you again, 
And then one fine day I found you again….
I was happy, the reason for my smile was there…..
But…. Was I ever the reason behind his smile ???
The question always killed me…
The only answer was with him…
So one fine evening I sought my answers ….
I almost trembled with nervousness not knowing what he would say,
Each millisecond took my life away….
Finally his answer came,
It was not that I was the reason behind his smile, 
But if we would know each other more I could be the reason, 
I started breathing again, Life came back to me….
Time restrained us from meeting, 
And then … the day came when we met, 
I was scared and nervous didn’t know what to say, 
My heart stopped beating when he asked me the same question, 
I wanted to hide my face and run away, 
Then I composed myself and agreed with him…
And that was the first day he held my hand….
I was shaking with fear, anxiety, nervousness, 
But I just couldn’t believe what had happened, 
I was the happiest…
I wanted to tell the world that I was his smile…….
Slowly Slowly I came closer to him,
I was happy thinking I was knowing him more, 
My world stopped when I was in his arms,
I loved it when he smiled at me, 
I would get so nervous that I didn’t know what to say……
Time flew by…. I lived in my dream world, thinking I was building the path I wanted to lead
But then one fine day…he said,
 the path I wanted to lead could not be built,
For me my world had stopped…
All my dreams, desires, hopes, expectations everything was shattered,
The reason for my smile had vanished again….
I did not know what to do, 
Droplets of water blurred my eyes, trying to wash out his image from my eyes, 
But my eyes still refused to let him go…
When he said it was not possible for me to make that path,
I felt the sea waves took me away from you,
I just kept on going far far away from you….
Today I have a reason to smile, 
Even if I could not build my path to your smile, 
I have beautiful memories which make me smile. 
And it brings a smile which starts from my lips and reaches my eyes…..
Thanks for being the reason behind my smile……..
Copyright @ Aishwarya Erayi , 2012