My Papa My Superhero

Hello Everyone. I am Suraj Sandeep. I am a big boy as tomorrow I will start my new School. I will now go to a Nursery. Today I am going to tell you all about my Papa. I call him Acha, Pappa or Achu depending on my mood. If I have to generally enquire about him (which is normally every 10 mins or sometimes 5 minutes) I call him Achoo.

So let us now come back to my Story about my Papa/Achoo.

He is very tall and strong but not stronger than me. I have bigger muscles and I beat him at every boxing match that we play at night. (I do not know when the bed will break but I am kid, so I am not responsible for it). My Achoo takes care of me very much so he brings me new toys and sometimes he himself turns into a toy for me. He usually becomes a swing or a slide for me. I sit on top of his tummy and sing Row Row Row your boat.

I like it when he comes home early and takes me out in a car at the beach. I am a good boy so I also give him a nice massage when he comes home. Sometimes he would also take me to school in Car. My Achoo also allows me to drive our Car. He never shouts at me and always takes me out to see JCB, Dumper Truck and Crane.

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