How To Avoid Diaper Rash

Using Diapers for your children is an individual’s choice, I had been using Diapers for my son since he was 2 weeks old. I started by using the Johnson’s baby diaper pads in his cloth nappy only while sleeping at night. Using diapers at night ensured that his sleep was not disturbed and we both slept peacefully for about 7 to 8 hours straight except waking up for milk in between. This post talks about how to avoid Diaper Rash.

It was sheer good luck or precautions that till date my son did not have diaper rashes. Here under are a few precautions and Remedies to how to avoid Diaper Rash.

  1. Always keep the genitals of your child clean.
  2. Give your baby a daily bath. This will mostly lower his chances of developing diaper rash.
  3. Apply coconut oil or diaper rash cream or a baby lotion on the sides before you change him into a new diaper.

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