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How I taught My Kid To Share

During ancient days, an Indian Household had on an average 5 children. The families lived together and ate together. But these days, the joint family system in India is slowly vanishing and most of the families these days are Nuclear Families. The number of children that every couple has these days is mostly one or maximum 2. Parents shower their entire attention to their children and do not hesitate to buy anything that their child wishes to have. My son is about 2 and half year old now. So here are few tips how to teach kid to share:

  1. Taking him to a garden

I started to take my Son regularly to the garden near our Society as often as I Could. I would take his toys along with him and also other children would bring their toys. The attempt of all the mothers present at the garden was to teach their children the virtue of sharing. Initially, children would be reluctant to share but slowly and gradually they were attracted and interested more in each other’s toys. Therefore, the only way to get another kid’s toy was to give your own toy first to them. The main goal of all the parents around was to teach children the importance of sharing.

So we all parents would come together and make them play small games or conduct small races just for fun. This is one of the way how to teach kid to share.

  1. Sending him to play group

As soon as my son completed 2 years, I sent him to a Playgroup nearby. My idea and intention of sending him to a playgroup was to make him little independent even if it was for a couple of hours. Once he started going to the play group, he slowly learnt to get comfortable with other children. Sometimes he would also volunteer to help his classmates. Sending to play groups helps in the child being more adaptable with the society.

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