Being a woman we always tend to ignore our health, as we progress in our life, responsibilities only increase. While, we are never taught to give first preference to ourselves, slowly our lifestyle takes a toll on our health. A lot of women face a lot of health issues due to lack of haemoglobin and Calcium, but lack of knowledge about these diseases amounts lack of energy, slowing down our daily lifestyle. Constantly fatigued…Tips to get your energy back:

  1. Lack of Haemoglobin –

    Many women face lack Haemoglobin, due to which they are constantly fatigued. Lack of Haemoglobin may result into delayed periods and bloating. One of the best ways of increasing Haemoglobin is to have one Date (Khajur every day). Post pregnancy also a woman may observe lack of haemoglobin in her body.

  2. Lack of Calcium

    Post the age of 30 and especially after delivery, lack of calcium is definitely observed in many women. A lot of doctors these days prescribe calcium tablets or supplements post-delivery for about 6 months. A glass of milk daily will help you in maintaining your Calcium requirement.

  3. Dehydration –

    Running around your house behind your family members will definitely make you thirsty. But oops!! You still have to fill the bottles and keep them in the fridge. In all this mess, you forgot to have a sip of water. Daily having two glasses of warm water after waking up in the morning, will keep your body healthy. Having loads of water as per your body and climate requirement along with other fluids will help you in maintaining a good body.

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