Child Sex Abuse

Child Sex Abuse, was a term that was unheard of during our school days. With whatever limited Sex Education we received in our school i.e. at the age of 15, we were informed about molestation that only girls face. My first exposure to the existence of Child Sex Abuse was when I saw the movie Page 3. Even though I was 19, when I saw the movie, I did not know that even small boys could be victims of Child Sex Abuse.

Since ages, we were given to understand that only Little Girls and Women, were the victims of sexual crime, but  it is not so. During my Law College days various NGO’s would come to our college and inform us about the work they do and also ask us to volunteer with them. Once, Child-line a help line for Children had come to our college. It is only when, we personally received the training about Child Sex Abuse from the NGO, that we learnt how to deal with it.

I learnt about Child Sex Abuse at an age when I was nearly an adult but today it is important to teach your children and warn them about pedophile i.e. the Child Sex Abusers.

Here are a few things that we need to teach our children-

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