Homosexuality is one topic that we do not wish to talk about or discuss about. In a country, where still love marriages and arranged marriages are looked down upon, in a society, wherein you can get married only if you belong to the same caste, religion, locality, Economic background, sub-caste, skin color, race. Given the present scenario, we may have abolished a few barbaric practices and accept new traditions, but one thing that is still pending to do is remove the myths that we have about homophobia in our mind.

A person who belong to the LGBT community, is a person as normal as you and me. For example, they have emotions, they eat food with their hands, breathe through their nose, think using their brains, they are sensitive and many a times do fall in love and also want to get married and may be have their own family someday, isn’t this all that every human being does and wants ? Then why are we separating the LGBT Communities and criminalizing them. A petition will be heard before the Supreme Court in a couple of days with respect to the abolishment of Section 377 but can law be implemented in our society if the society itself is not ready to come out of its phobia ? Our Idea of Gays and Lesbians are limited to Feminine men and Manly women (Courtesy: Bollywood) but I am sure the people who are Gay and Lesbians are definately not what is shown in them.

Let us now talk about a few myths about Homosexuality and LGBT Community that exist in our country. The most interesting part is I came to know about all these myths, when I read the comments below the articles on Homosexuality, some are hilarious, some are absurd, rest of them will make you facepalm and wish you vanished away from Earth before you read this:

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