Yes I Have Dreams And I Am Not Guilty For It

We Live in a Country, where anyone apart from Doctor or Engineer is equivalent to Illiterate. The amount of pressure that we put to exceed on our children right from their childhood is immense. Apart from our education system, one thing that stops us progressing is stopping our younger generation to dream. We are so immersed in making them excel in what has been set as a stereotype by the society that we forget to teach our children to use their creativity.

If you ask any child of around 5 to 6 years, what he wants to be when he grows up, you will get the most creative answers such as a Fire Fighter, a police man, astronaut, Chota Bheem but gradually as they are also forced to accept the stereotype professions. By the time our children reach teenage our Astronauts are lost in space and we have children ferociously hunting for the best CET and CAT coaching classes in their neighbourhood.

In our Society, we generally call those who dream as Foolish and those who try hard to fulfill their dreams as Rebel. Seriously, just because 1 out of a million has the courage to fulfill his dreams instead of saying “I could have done this 10 years ago”, we oust him/her from our society and call them a Rebel. Society is still sometimes fair towards boys but not that fair towards girls.

The first thing that our society does when our girls talk about their dreams: pull them down physically, mentally and emotionally in the name of marriage and our favourite statement “Char log kya kahenge”. Dreams do not see gender, they see the passion of a person.We see so many children who are forced to give up their interest in Agricultural Engineering because Sharma Uncle ka beta is a software engineer working in the US.

If the Society crushing our dreams was not enough we have our Government to promote the same by including the reservation system.

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