Why Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus

Ever Since the existence of mankind, the difference between men and women have been there. Men and Women are like Chalk and Cheese. We may love each other, hate other but we cannot ignore each other. We come across men in different phases of our lives in different relationships but one man with whom we spend our life is our life partner.

Even though the dispute between husbands and wives is very common, there are certain sets of psychological aspects on how and why we are different. Here are a few of the incidents, which may look daily banter and may sometimes lead to a big fight.

1. Perspective to a health issue – a woman gets a simple headache

Women expects – A man to pamper her and lovingly apply a balm on her forehead, that will take away half her pain.

Men Expect – She is not a kid, she can eat the medicine herself and can take care of her body.

End Result – One of them is irritated and this anger is stored in mind and vented out in future fight. However, if the husband is unwell and the wife shows the same attitude, then she is for sure held as an incapable wife by the society.

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Written by Aishwarya Sandeep

I am a practising Advocate from Mumbai and also write blogs on different platforms. I have my own YouTube Channel through which I intend to change the way law is taught in our Counrty. This Website is a platform that I use to express myself

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