Why Child Sex Abuse Is On Rise These Days

A single day does not go when you don’t come across an article about Child Sex Abuse in the news, while we end up playing the blame game every time something as tragic as this happens. As a lawyer with a decent amount of experience in the field of law and judiciary, here are a few reasons as per me, on why the Child Sex Abuse is on steep rise.

1. Frustration

One thing that we need to remember is that frustration and anger is the real motivation for Rape or any other Sexual crime, your dress has got to do nothing with it. The predators always target for the helpless and the weaker section, that is the reason why women are victims in most cases. These days women are as stronger as men , so theyy have slowly shifted their target to children and animals in some cases,who are relatively easy target and more easier to dominate. A man commits sexual crime only to satisfy his Male Ego and display his superiority. We need to accept the fact that if a Sexual offence happens then instead of harassing the victim we need to harass the predator.

2 Change in Lifestyle – Difference in standard of living

Many a times it also happens that there is a huge difference in the standard of living of the perpetrator and the victim. It is this difference in the standard of living, that invokes the hidden ego. It has always been taught in our society that women and children are weak, and therefore, whenever, these predators come across any strong or independent women or children, they feel it is important to attack them/

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  1. the news about children being raped and hurt is something that is scary…we really need to work towards it.


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