When I Was Born

This is a small poem dedicated to those strong people amongst us,who chose to fight against the destiny rather than to sit and take sympathy.

When I was Born

When I was born,

everybody came to see me,

They congratulated my mummy,

But not with happiness.

My mummy and Daddy were happy,

I could feel it,

My Daddy would take me to the beach and describe it.

My mummy would cook delicious food,

the aroma of which,would make me hungry.

I was determined,

when Daddy would describe the beach,that one day,

he would be proud of my achievements.

I was determined,

when I would inhale the aroma,of my Mummy’s cooking,

that one day Mummy would smell the sweetness of my success.

And today, I have done it,

My Daddy is proud of me,

My Mummy is happy with my Success.

I was born without Sight but I did not loose my Vision.

As a mother I can understand the pain a parent goes through, when the society finds faults in our child. It is time now, that we all encourage our children despite the oddities they have to face in life. If they can do it…so can we. You do not need money and influence or luck to succeed in life. There are a few people who have made their parents proud even despite not being able to see.

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