When I Relived Life Again – My Child Birth Story

There are a few moments in our lives,

Which we cannot express even with words.

We do not remember how it feels to be born,

That is the reason we relive the moment we were born,

when we become mothers.

“It is an age old saying that a Child gives birth to a Mother” and it is indeed true.

I still remember that day, it was Ganesh Chaturti, since a couple of days I had been feeling uncomfortable and told my mother in law about the same. She suggested that I should go and meet the nearby lady doctor. After the celebrations in the temple, I went and met the doctor in the evening and did a simple urine test. She said there was slight pregnancy (I dont know what she meant) and suggested that I do a Sonography to confirm the same. The sonography confirmed I was 5 Weeks Pregnant and then began the most beautiful journey of my life.

My Pregnancy journey was smooth and I did not experience any problem at all. My 9th month had just begun and suddenly on the day of Ganapati Festival (Yes we did Ganapati Pooja with the permission of our Panditji, even with a pregnant lady in the house) I developed fever, it was a normal fever but we were all scared as I was pregnant, the fever was about 101 – 102 for about 1 and half days but we were all scared and were prepared mentally to undergo an emergency C Section. But my gynecologist gave me the mental strength and medicine and asked me to take rest for a couple of days and was confident that the fever would subside and that we both were healthy. More than the fever, it was the horrible back pain that I went through during that time. The pain would be there continuously and then suddenly increase. For those 2 days I was crying and my parents and brother would alternatively sit with me and rub my back throughout.I did not know if, it was any miracle but after 2 days I recovered and all the pain just vanished.

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