When Food Played The Cupid… A True Love Story

Hello Mommies… This is a true love story of one of my friends.. Siddharth and Ayesha were studying in the same class. Siddharth was an all rounder and was admired by all student and teachers. In fact he had a huge fan following. In fact even Simran the babe of the college had a crush on him. But Siddharth was always sure that he would be a one woman man. Sometimes while working so hard he would forget to eat. Ayesha was one of his friends. Siddharth was so occupied in his work that he never noticed Ayesha but Ayesha would never eat a single morsel of food until Siddharth had eaten. Yes. Ayesha loved him but Siddharth did not know about it yet. Ayesha was unsure how to express her love but then time was just flowing.

Now, Ayesha and Siddharth were working at nearby offices. They would meet regularly for lunch. Ayesha also Siddharth’s office as a Copywriter. Now, just like college days, Ayesha would get delicious food from home and give the first morsel to Siddharth and only then eat. Like College, Siddharth was a favourite amongst his bosses because of his hardwork and he was soon promoted to be the head of the Creative Department. It was during this time Shanaya, a new intern joined the office. Shanaya was very much impressed and worshipped Siddharth.

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