When A Baby Having Its Food Was Offensive !!!!

We all have our four square meals, from the time we are born. Eating food in a decent place with clean environment is every human being’s fundamental right. To survive is not merely an animal existence a human being should survive with dignity or else it amounts to deprivation of his fundamental rights. These are the basic rights provided by the Constitution of India and reiterated by the Supreme Court in its several judgments.

But despite all these basic provisions, we never fail to create a huge hue and cry, when a woman openly breast feeds in public. Recently, a malayalam magazine, Grihalakshmi, published a photograph of a model, breast feeding a new born and looking directly into the camera.

In no time did the people get offended,

because she dared to show her open breast,

or because she had applied vermillion (sindoor) in her forehead (religious fanatics),

because she was feeding a child,

because she was not ashamed for feeding a child,

because she was not guilty but bold !!!

For a mother, the whole world collapses, when she is unable to feed her child. It does not matter to her,where she is because for any mother feeding her child is always the top most priority. To Breast feed a child you need to at peace mentally and also in a comfortable surrounding. Being a mother I can understand how uncomfortable it can get to feed your child.

Not only men but also women stare at you while breast feeding because they want to analyse about how a woman is feeding ? whether she is doing it correctly. Men stare at open breast because……

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Written by Aishwarya Sandeep

I am a practising Advocate from Mumbai and also write blogs on different platforms. I have my own YouTube Channel through which I intend to change the way law is taught in our Counrty. This Website is a platform that I use to express myself

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