Updating Mothers – Version 2.0

On One of the Sleepless nights, in the last week, I was randomly wandering over the Internet to watch a movie. Suddenly, the urge to watch English Vinglish crawled up in my mind. Thanks to Hotstar movies are now only a click away (oops and your big goof up on the Game of Thrones).

Anyways the movie is about a few years old and I was single, when I saw the movie first time, so I enjoyed the movie as just another movie but a few days ago when I saw the movie again, I understood the depth of the movie. The storyline is simple, a mother who is always treated as ignorant and given second class treatment by her family only for her lack of skills in English goes to US to attend her Neice’s wedding and works on her weakness and suceeds.

Well, every human being has a weakness and no body is born perfect. perfect people are just a myth. When you are a student or a professional you are regularly update yourself by reading or going for a refresher course. Why ? Because that is the only way you can survive. So what is the harm if mothers also go for a refresher course every year or may be twice a year.

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