Trophy Wife Vs. Corporate Wife Vs. Self Made Women

Before I begin with this blog, I want to say that all women are beautiful, talented and hardworking. We may call ourselves progressive, modern and advance but the reality is women have always been objectified in one or the other way. The age of 24 to 35 is crucial for every individual as this is the time period when one has to financially settle down as well as get married and have children. Though the trends are changing these days and age limits have been pushed off by both young men and women. Though the terms trophy wife and Corporate Wife may seem controversial and many may even refuse to accept that these concepts exist in our society.

A Trophy Wife is basically a young, beautiful woman, who is married to someone who has millions or rupees and can provide her and spoil her with every luxury in the world.The basic duty of a trophy wife is to accompany her husband looking the best in her attire. Gossip with other Trophy wives at a party and leave a long lasting impression with her looks and beauty no brains needed. A trophy wife regularly receives her quota of expensive gifts, which is her fees of keeping her head out of her husband’s business. A trophy wife is something that was always in demand in our Indian Society, one can see the matrimonial column of any newspaper. The advertisement for a bride will always use the terms “Good Looking, Beautiful, Traditional Girl”. She is usually identified in the society as Mrs. XYZ and would be one of the most envied women in the society. The society may sometimes be able to see only her beauty and diamonds but may not attempt to look behind her beautiful veil inside her deep lonely heart.

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