Tips For Husbands With Post Partum Wife

A child gives birth to a mother but what about fathers ? When are they born?

Its an age old tradition in India that post marriage, a woman has to adjust with her career and post a child, her first priority has to be the child. Agreed that only we women have the physical and mental strength to balance work,career and children. But if husbands are called Life PArtners aren’t they supposed to be a partner in raising the child also ? True our Husbands work hard and toil day and night, give up their own dreams just so that they can buy us a nice House to live in.

As a Wife and a mother, one of the most crucial stages, when she needs her husband is during her pregnancy and post her Delivery. Dear Fathers, just the way you would like to rest post your office, even the mother would like to rest post the diaper changing session. It is understood, our patriarchy society does not need the men to learn diaper changing or understanding the different moods of children but there is no harm done if you step forwards and support your wives. Please understand 9 months of pregnancy plus the first few months of the baby are equally tough for us. Along with the physical and hormonal changes, women even today are expected to be Superwomen.

She may not be the same as she was during your dating phase.Yes she has put on weight, her face may have acne, she may have body hair because she does not have time for waxing, she still does not know what will happen when she goes back to work, people will judge her, what if she decides to quit, people will still judge her. She is already feeling insecure about all these things and tired of the burden that has been put on her shoulder by the society.

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