The Story Of A Pihu Bird – A Short Story For Kids

Once upon a time there was a Pihu Bird. It was dusky and strong and known in its community for its intellect. Pihu Bird was someone that young Pihu Birds and Piha Birds looked upto. Even though Pihu Bird interacted bare minimum, she was always helpful. Some interpreted her reticence as pride and used their prejudice in spreading rumours about her.

Pihu was now an adult. One day while roaming around in the forest, she came across this handsome Piha Bird who also came across as intellectual. Pihu was impressed and decided to be his companion for life. It wouldn’t have been a few seconds that she took her decision, that Pihu Bird realised that it was a trap by human beings.

The Human Beings had now captured the once beautiful and intelligent Pihu Bird. Even though Pihu Bird was bought in this huge palatial house by the Human Being, she was kept inside a Golden Cage, which was huge. Pihu Bird who did not mind wandering in the forest and worked hard to gather her food was now being served the best of food in a golden bowl. She was regularly given bath and her golden cage was cleaned almost everyday.

The Human Being would often show off the Pihu Bird to his friends, his friends would admire her, tease her, taunt her and many a times ignore her but the Human Being who bought her loved her dearly. Initially, the Pihu bird was very active and would interact with all the Human Beings but slowly and gradually she understood that it was not her but the Human Being they loved.

Pihu Bird felt lonely. She wanted to be a free bird and not tied down. Slowly her health started deteriorating. The Human Being was sad. Pihu bird would often interact with the Human Being but Alas ! he could not understand her feelings. The Pihu bird was sad and wanted to escape. In an attempt to escape she would flap her wings for hours but the Human Being could not understand that she wanted freedom. He may have kept her in a golden cage and given her the best of food but her real life was in the jungle.

One find day, the Pihu bird did not wake up. The Human Being called the vet who declared Pihu Bird dead. The Human Being who loved the bird decided to give her a proper burial. While cleaning the golden cage, he saw a number of feathers on its bars, which reminded him that the real life of Pihu bird is in the jungle.

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