The Day I Was Molested – A Short Story

This is a piece of fiction, a journey of a victim of molestation

Age 15 :- I was in Class X. There was this boy in my building, let us call him X. A few days before he had proposed me and I had rejected. During those days being in a relationship was a taboo and I wanted to have career first anyways. It was Holi. I was enjoying with my friends, someone suddenly came from behind and hugged me tightly and put his hand under my Tshirt. It all happened in a fraction of a second. I did not know what to do. I turned and saw behind it was him. After that day till date one thing that scares me is the colours of Holi.

Age 17 :- I was always good at public speaking. It was just another day of presentation in college. I was confident that I would be the best and score the maximum marks as usual, afterall the entire class would always wait to listen to me. But that day, it was different, my competitor was sitting on the first bench with his cronies, all set to spoil the presentation, none of their tricks worked with me. This time when I looked at them as a part of the eye contact with the audience, I felt uncomfortable, they were literally seeing me through my dress with wild imagination, they did not physically molest me but mentally did much more than that. A few of my friends noticed this, from that day I looked into their eyes with determination and they never dared to look into my eyes.

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