Suicide – A Problem That Needs Urgent Solution

Recently, there was a news about a Telugu Serial actor, who committed Suicide. Last year unfortunately, actress Pratyusha Banerjee, who was a promising actress committed suicide, before that it was Jia Khan, before that it was Nafisa Joseph … these are just a few prominent names of famous people who unfortunately ended their lives due to some unexplained circumstances. In India, every hour almost one student commit suicides. What are the possible reasons that students feel committed suicide will end their problems. Are we being too harsh on our students or do we as parents fail to make them strong to face the problems ?

Hereunder are a few reasons, on what amounts to increased rate of suicides in India

1. Unrealistic expectations – These days kids as young as 3 to 4 years are expected to be all rounders and perform well in every field. Childhood is meant to be enjoyed and not to be stressed about who makes it to the new Reality TV Show. Let your children grow up slowly and naturally accepting and enjoying their innocence. Immense pressure to succeed and disappointment on unable to do so builds up at an early age, which leads to stress and a sense of failure. Sometimes such people do not have any other option except to end their lives because they do not want to be puppets.

2. Lack of Appreciation – Many a times we as a parent and as a part of the society fail to appreciate a child’s achievement. Lack of appreciation in achieving small milestones ultimately builds up in a child. He desperately tries to please anyone and everyone, they may be right or wrong people. When he feels even despite his hardwork, he has not been appreciated, such people finally resort to suicide.

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