Some Unusual Fathers In Our Society

A Mother and Father with their Children make a complete Family. The Concept of Single Fathers was something that was unheard of until a few years ago. While earlier,the men who were either Widowers or Divorcee with children would immediately be married off by the families because looking after children was not a Father’s job.

Here are a few Men who have broken Stereotype around parent hood and are successful fathers.

1. Sandip Soparkarr – Sandip Soparkarr became a single dad by adopting a son in the year 2007. His family and friends were very supportive about his decision. Infact, his mother was confident that Sandip would be an excellent father. Sandip and his son Arjun are inseperable. In several interviews, that Sandip gave, he mentioned about his desire for adoption but also mentioned about his frustration and unnecessary questions by the Adoption Agencies. One of the questions that he was asked during the adoption procedures was “why would a tall, good looking young man like me want to adopt a child?” but eventually he adopted Arjun.

2. Aditya Tiwari – January 1,, 2016, Aditya Tiwari an Engineer by profession adopted a Special Child called Binny. Binny was born with Down’s Syndrome. His parents who were from a well- to – do family had abandoned him. Aditya met Binny when he had been to an Orphanage in Indore on occassion of his Father’s Birthday. He was emotionally attached to the child and after fighting a tough legal battle, Aditya finally became a Single man to adopt a child in India.

3. Tushar Kapoor – Tushar Kapoor one of the Board Members of Balaji Telefims recently celebrated his Son Lakshya’s first birthday. The only difference between others and Tushar Kapoor was, that he became a father through Surrogacy, which was unheard off by most of us until then. While the debate around the topic of Surrogacy is still on. Celebrities are openly opting for Surrogacy. While, finally the concept of a relationship and parenthood is now being considered seperately atleast hopefully.

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