Shattered Soul

Ananya was a strong Independent Girl. She was working with one of the best Architect Firms in the city. After all not everyone gets to work on the best projects at the age of 25. Working 24*7 to fulfill all her dreams before she got married. Her parents had already started seeing prospective groom for her. Stress at work was a normal thing but since last few days it had started taking toll on her health, she had put on a lot of weight and would feel tired soon. Slowly she was also loosing concentration in her work.

It was during this time another project came her way, it was a major project for one of the most renounced Builders of the City and therefore her boss felt that he had to involve her. The Project was led by their new M.D. Nishant Talvar, he was simple, soft spoken and yet determined individual. Ananya was going through her worst phase and was already serving her notice period but her boss requested her to stay back for this project and then take a call. Ananya and Nishant were a great team. Nishant would always make special efforts to spend maximum time with Ananya. For a 5 pm meeting he would arrive at 3 pm and wait ouside her cabin.

Ananya found this to be irritating and often thought of him as one of those nagging clients, she would often complaint indirectly to her boss about Nishant that he was one of those interfering clients who would want to watch every stage of work. But Mr. Narang, Ananya’s boss could see something else. Nishant’s eyes were not on the designs but on the designer.

Slowly, even Ananya felt something strange and realised that Nishant liked her and she also liked him. He was supportive,independent and also encouraged Ananya to quit her job and be independent as he felt that a Talent like her would be only exploited in a Company. Starting up on her own would give her a new identity, which a Talent like Ananya deserved. Ananya was happy that she had someone to lean on a strong shoulder. She had now made up her made to start her own Consultancy post this project. Nishant was really happy for her.

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