Pitter Patter Raindrops – Why I Love Monsoon

Monsoon is my most favourite season of the year..even though now- a days thanks to the Global Warming, every season is summer Season. Yet, there are a few days, when we can actually rejoice and enjoy the monsoon season. The reasons why I love monsoon are many, but here are a few to list. I am sure that you would also relate to the same.

1. Nostalgia

The first drop of rain always brings back the memories of our School Days, the first day of School, the fresh fragnance of new notebooks, those new School Uniforms, School Bags. Today, I may not be able to bring back those days but I can definately re-live them through my kid.

2. I love Water

I know I am an adult and even today, I do not miss a chance to jump into the puddle with my tiny tot. I mean there is no harm in enjoying that little drizzle or little puddle. Yes I know it seems crazy but a little mud on your dress wont soil your image.

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