My Maika

There is one place, where every married woman wants  to visit again and again and that is not a beauty parlour or a Mall. That place is her Mayka…. 

Though since birth, we girls are told that we are just guests in our parent’s home and that our real homes are our Husband’s home….But still our Mayka’s are one place wherein you can walk in at any point of time…you do not need permission to walk in and no one can restrain you from coming in…

Your Mayka is a place, which is filled with your childhood memories, where night after night dreamed about your future and fulfilled  them during your daytime…. Mayka is a place, where your childhood dream was the dream of your entire family… 

Mayka is a place, where even your smallest achievement was acknowledged and celebrated….Something as small as cooking without the help of anyone to securing a seat for Graduation in your favourite college. 

Mayka is  a place, where every family member was accessible to your…during your times of distress, happiness, celebration or adventure, you did not have to take appointments or wait for anyone, they understood your state of mind even without explaining… 

Mayka is a place, where your friends could walk in anywhere and you were in control of the food supply…

Mayka is a place, where you were served piping hot food, your demands for different menus were catered and stale food and leftovers was something you never knew that existed. 

Mayka is a place, where you could walk in your favourite PJ’s, without make up or jewellery because comfort is more important that appearance. 

Mayka is a place, where fights were resolved within hours because our emotions were more important than ego………

It is a place, where you truly feel welcomed because every word that you say counts and matters to the members there. 

Mayka is a place, which we do not value when we are single and die to go there when we are married. 

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