My Journey To Success

My tiny Toddler is undoubtedly the centre of my world…My husband is somewhere closer to him…and rest of all of them are scattered in my world. Having my own child was a dream since many years. I would often tell my friends that if I do not get married by 30, I would adopt a child and stay single. I was never too keen on a relationship. I am a practicing Advocate and also have a degree in Mass Media.

Then on my 28th birthday my little bundle of joy arrived. My life changed completely post my son. He was now the reason for me to wake up in the morning not any client who was in a mess. He was the reason behind my smile. He was the reason behind my tears of happiness.He was the reason behind my every action and inaction. He was my life in short. One thing that I would constantly tell him was “Do not grow up, you will loose away your cuteness. Its so much fun to play with you now like a chubby teddy bear”.

Before my son,I had a few plans in my mind professionally, which were simultaneously loosing its track. I would try my level best to stay concentrated at work but somehow I just could not. The nature of my work was very predictable and therefore to start working again post a baby was becoming difficult now. I did not want to be a weekend parent. Either ways the child should always have one parent handy. This phase of slowly going away from my career was very troublesome. I tried my level best to distract my self and to convince myself that my career could take a back seat for a few years.

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