My Childhood Crush

Teen age is a phase of life, wherein a lot of misconceptions and crazy ideas with respect to life are formed in our minds. For a long span of time we presume that whatever is shown in the movies or we read in the novels is true. Enter adulthood, wherein all the images formed in your mind are shattered by reality.

Well, one such fascination that we all have is that one particular character, he or she may be from a movie or from a novel or from a mixture of both, whom we presume to be our childhood crush and who also doubles up as a benchmark whilst looking for your future partner. One such person, who was my benchmark for an ideal partner was Mr. William Darcy, from the novel Pride and Prejudice or Mr. Will Darcy from the movie Bride and Prejudice.

Even though Mr. Darcy is the most hated person in the first half of the novel, movie for his Pride and Prejudice with respect to almost everything existing on this earth. His this habit may be irritating and if we meet any such person like him in reality we would definitely be happy to be miles away. But in reality, beneath this tough man who is prejudiced with respect to almost everything and has a strong opinion is a caring brother, partner and a friend.

Well, for those who have not read the novel or seen the movie, Mr. Darcy is a super handsome and a super rich guy and as per all the ladies is the most sought after gentleman until his conversations reflect his arrogance and pride. He does not use flattery words with the ladies and is definitely not a charmer but instead is excessively straightforward with his view points. In short, he is not at all like Shah Rukh Khan from Yash Chopra films. As the novel progresses, he already has a strong opinion.
about his best friend’s girlfriend, which leads to their split and subsequently, he looses his friend, the girl he admired and the little good people he had in his life


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