Mrs. Funny Bones And Mr. Khiladi Kumar – My Ideal Couple

She is the daughter of one of the most successful and versatile actors in the Industry and He is presently one of the richest Actors in Bollywood. What was more amazing is their marriage standing strong for more than 15 years in an Industry, despite being in an industry wherein relationships are broken more often than the film muhurat coconuts. Ignoring and debating on the negatives, here are a few take aways for a couple :-

1. She did not marry when Akki was at the top – It takes a lot of courage to take a leap with a person who has had 12 flops continuously and is known to have a roving eye. Akki did not have the kind of money and reach he has today during that time. Twinkle was almost like just another Star Kid in the Industry. No wonder, they say a real woman does not run behind a successful man, she helps him make an empire.

2. They encourage each other – Tina said that even now, in whichever corner of the world Akki is she never sends an Article without getting it approved from her better half. She also said that how at one point she refused to have a second child unless Akki started doing sensible movies. Considering their busy schedules,to take time out to encourage your spouse is what we can all learn and start doing more often. Sometimes we tend to underestimate our spouses and their work but a few moments in a day or a few moments of encouragement may make wonders for them.

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Pic Courtesy: Hindustan Times

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