Mothers – The Most Underestimated Work Force

The following are few question that every girl comes across in her life, especially if she is focussed in life:

1. “Family or Career”

2. “Will you change your Career after Marriage?”

3. “Life is different post marriage and a Child”

4. “Ambitious girls can never be good wives”

5. “You are not a marriage material, you have dreams”

One thing that our society forgets is that marriage and children, bring about the same changes in a man’s lives as on a women but I haven’t come across any man being asked the same question. The Reason probably why men are never asked these questions because our society has made a norm that men can always give preference to their careers and for women it is an option. Women post marriages are mostly not welcome in the corporates, due to the culture, considering them as an additional burden/expenses, not worth the CTC, but in the middle of all this crisis we forget that being a mother does not make a woman incapable, she becomes even more stronger.

Here are a few reasons how motherhood enhance our skill set which in turn help us at our workplace:

1. Multi Tasking

While you cannot even imagine the amount of multitasking that a mother has to do, in order to get everybody’ s life set easily. IT is only mother’s who can feed the child along with doing the laundry and the Dal boiling on the Gas. Trust me ask a man to turn off the Gas after 2 whistles, he will surely goof up in this one task.

This multi tasking skill set of mothers is often useful for the organisations, as it can help them complete the task given to them at the earliest.

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