Make Love Not Scars

The alarm besides her beside was ringing for the 5th time since last 30 mins. Ananya was not much of a morning person but now as a grown up adult, she had little option except to wake up. In the next 15 minutes Ananya was all set to leave for her office. She was always very particular about her looks but today she was in two minds before applying Kajal. 

Ananya had won Miss Fresher and was an Inter Collegiate Beauty Queen. During her college days she was even offered a couple of Modelling Assignments, which she did not take up because she wanted to complete her studies. Ananya wanted to be a lawyer just like her parents were. Anyways, Ananya decided to go ahead on applying Kajal on her left eye and also decided to apply the new mascara her friend had gifted her last year on her birthday. Her last year’s birthday was one of the most memorable one.

Last year Ananya was returning back from her birthday party at late night. In metropolitan cities 10.30 pm is not too late. She heard a girl’s voice crying for help. Ananya being a selfless woman went in the direction of the sound, she gripped the pepper spray tightly in her hands. After walking for a few meters, Ananya found that 2 men were forcefully trying to take away a young girl of  about 10 years from a lady. Ananya sprayed the pepper spray into the eyes of the 2 men and asked the woman to run away with her daughter. The men were temporarily blinded but one of them had got hold of her. 

It all happened in a fraction of a second. She was almost successful in  leaving the clutches of the man and running away, when she suddenly felt her face burning. One of their accompliance was hiding behind the bushes, he came ahead and poured acid on Ananya’s face. After that incident Ananya lost her eye sight in her right eye. Today, was the final hearing of her case, which she was fighting herself.

Applying Kajal and Mascara may be a normal routine for majority of the girls but for Ananya it was an achievement and acceptance. We have many acid attack victims in our society, it is time we help them regain normalcy by helping them to grow personally and professionally.  

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