Life In A Shadow

This is a short fiction written to emphasize on how working post baby helps in battling post partum depression.

Shalini and Ajay, were married for almost 3 years now and were blessed with a beautiful baby girl Khushi. She was the apple of her parents eyes. Before her marriage Shalini was an independent Interior Designer and had her own firm called “Your Dream”. She had even worked through her pregnancy but post baby Khushi was born, she decided to take a break.

Shalini always wanted a child and Khushi bought all the happiness that Shalini wanted. Ajay was also a supportive husband but he also at times did not understand why Shalini behaved in a particular way. She would wake up in the middle of the night and start crying continously. Ajay was the CEO of a growing startup and his work demanded him. Shalini at times could not control her temper and would shout and scream at Ajay at any time. Sometimes she behaved like a baby throwing tantrums.

The fights between them was increasing day by day. Shalini decided to go to her parents house for a few days to take a break. While she was at her parents home she decided to meet her friend Ayesha. Ayesha and Shalini were childhood friends. Ayesha was an Archietect by profession. When she heard Shalini’s story, she felt that may be Shalini should work for some days just to take off her mind. She offered Shalini a project, wherein she could work from home at her luxury. Shalini was not confident but still after Ayesha convinced her, Shalini decided to take up the project.

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