Kate Middleton Breaks The Internet In Her Red Dress And High Heels

Congratulations to the Royal Couple on the birth of their baby. The British Royal Couple is one of the most loved and followed couple on the internet. Their every action is a topic of discussion. Sometimes I am in awe of the Duke and Duchess and sometimes I feel sad for them because nothing in their lives is remotely personal. Since yesterday the Duke and Duchess were again in news, when the Duchess gave birth to their prince and was discharged within few hours of giving birth.

Apart from Congratulatory messages, one message that was going around the internet was about how the Duchess looks so perfect within few hours of giving birth to the prince. The Internet broke because Kate Middleton managed to look perfect sans the shapeless tummy, with which we end up dealing with the next for a few years. From different discussions and post that I read, I understood that it is quiet possible, that some people with certain body types may have a flat tummy post delivery but what about the majority of women who do not have the perfect flat tummy for years.

I don’t know if she has worn a corset below or if she had a flat tummy naturally, but there are two points that came to my mind. One, are we now going to push our women to look perfect even when they are under immense physical discomfort, two are we going to stop appreciating the women and force them to achieve the perfect look even when they need to be comforted the best. I understand that it is the royal protocol to show the baby to the world post birth, but the same could have been done by the Duke along with other family members or with the Duchess sans the Hair and Make up and those high heels and perhaps the corset, which trickily hides the saggy tummy.

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