How I Battled A Headache….

Ananya woke  up in the morning as usual. Since last few days her daughter was suffering from Cough and Cold. Office politics was either ways taking toll on her health to add it, any mother usually looses her mind and heart when her child is unwell. Since last night she was having a severe headache.

Pari usually does not wake up before 10 am, but today she decided to wake up along with her mother and tag along. As Pari  was just recovering from her cough and cold and as any other kid, she was extremely nagging. Ananya had an important presentation today and was already getting late. She was usually an understanding mother but today was definately a day, when things did not go right for her. Her headache was just killing her and therefore popping up pain killers before leaving for work was the only solution. As much as she hated the pain killers but she did not have an alternative.

Finally, she left for work and the presentation went well but the guilt in her mind for shouting at Pari and the stubborn headache did not leave her. She tried to sleep for a couple of hours but even that did not help. In the evening, finally Ananya decided to take Pari to the garden but only after popping up a couple of more pain killers. 

The usually reticent Ananya, suddenly found herself talking to all the mothers in the garden, just sharing their motherhood experience. Pari was playing with her friends. Ananya was massaging her temples, when she suddenly realised that the headache, which seemed stubborn since last two days was slowly leaving her. Just talking to a few other people and having a stress free conversation helped her lighten down. 

Many a times we fail to distinguish between Physical pain and Mental Pain. We are so obsessed with our physical health that we often ignore our Mental Health. We go for regular physical check ups, take medicines, eat well for our physical health but how much time, money and energy do we actually spend for our mental health ? Head Aches and Back Aches are something that we face everyday and often due to paucity of time we feel that popping up a painkiller is the easiest solution. 

I am not a medical expert but sometimes a simple open heart conversation will be more helpful than making a trip to the chemist for that headache. 

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