How Education Is Ruining Our Children’s Lives

“I was born Intelligent,

but Education Ruined me”.

I saw this quote on a T-shirt and immediately purchased it. About 10 years ago, when I was in College, this was a funny quote and we would just giggle ourselves to glory over it, totally naive that this quote was slowly turning into reality.

During Earlier days, i.e. during our parents generation and before, anyone who went to School or College was Intelligent and Education and knew things that more than the others. During our Generation, getting into Elite Colleges or Schools was a big deal. Today, things have changed, the competition has increased, which has made both the Government and the Parents insanely Maniacs and the Brunt of the same is borne by the poor Children.

Today Children as young as 1.6 months old have to start going to Playgroup. Though play group is nothing but more of a play time but somewhere or the other, we are slowly introducing our children to competition at such a young age. PlayGroups generally concentrate on activating the senses of the children but at the end of the day, they are judged on the basis of their day to day performance, just like us adults. The children may or may not understand the importance, but parents understand the pressure to excel and we directly or indirectly are guilty or forcing our children into this rat race.

Nursery admissions are another task. You need to put your child in a school according to your lifestyle and needs (Another trap for parents). I send my son to Nursery in a school (wherein my husband studied), which is just 2 buildings away from my house. It is not a fancy school but a decent school (SSC Board) with all the basic facilities and good senior teachers. The reason I enrolled him to this school was because it is walking distance and my Son is not mature enough to travel alone by a school bus. Anyways in the last 6 months I am satisfied and happy with his progress because I can see the difference the school has brought in his personality but simultaneously I am unhappy with our education system.

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