High Time To Change Our Hypocrisy !!!

We are almost close to 2017 but still instead of being practical we are at the epitome of hypocrisy. Here are a few hypocrisies that need to move away from our society right now. If we want our children to have a better life..its high time we first ourselves stop being hypocrites.

1. Spending 5 Lakhs on a girl’s education is a big no no, Spending 25 lakhs by taking loan on a girl’s marriage to please strangers is yes yes

2. Complain about lack of cleanliness in our country, throw that plastic bottle after drinking your cola at the traffic signal.

3. Spend hours waiting to get one glimpse of God, refuse to spend 5 minutes for your near and dear ones.

4. Refuse to give a glass of water to your thirsty servant, Spend lakhs of Rupees as Annadaan to the nearest temple.

5. A woman on her periods is impure, but a man leeching at a woman in temple is pure.

6. Secure 95 % in your boards, take Science because anything beyond IIT is not a profession.

7. Complain about Global Warming, cannot stay for more than 10 mins without electricity.

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