Fearlessly Connecting To My Roots

It was my cousin brother’s wedding at my hometown in Kerala in April 2017 and also the first time that I was going to go to my in-laws hometown after marriage. I was happy to meet my relatives but simultaneously nervous as it was the first time I was also travelling with my tiny tot Suraj. Kannur, this place holds a special place in my heart. The beautiful beaches, aromatic fish fry and rice, collecting mangoes from back yard of our house from morning till evening and returning with big red marks on my hands and feet, courtesy those huge mosquitoes amongst the trees.

I still have those faded memories when I used to travel to my hometown with my parents and younger brother. My daddy used to take boxes of mosquito repellent mats and machines to keep in each room. One of the major concerns of any parent while travelling is to ensure that their child does not fall sick and is comfortable throughout the journey so that both of you can make the most of.

Earlier I was always used the traditional mosquito solutions like sprays or those machines, but these are good only if you are limited within your house. My tiny tot was definitely not amongst those who would settle down at one place for sure. I recently used the new Good Knight Fabric Roll-On, which said you just had to apply four dots on your Child’s clothes and it would keep your child free from mosquitoes for 8 hours.I wanted to try this product since it was pediatrician certified and to be applied on fabric and not on skin like the lotions and cream available in market. Also it is 100% natural hence safe to use on my child. SoGoodknight Fabric Roll-On, which is available in two fragrances, citrus and bubblegum, became a part of my travel must haves but I was still feeling a bit apprehensive.  But when I tried it on my son one of the evenings while exploring the beautiful backyards of my ancestral home I was completely convinced about the effectiveness of the product. The product works great, all I had to do was just apply 4 dots of this Good Knight Fabric Roll-On on my child and there are no mosquitoes for up to 8 hours.  It is available at Amazon, Firstcry, Bigbasket or at a store near you. They have also introduced Chhota Bheem themed patches which children will absolutely love.

This product just took away all my stress about travelling to a mosquito infested place, now I was relaxed about travelling with my son. I always wanted a protection layer around my son but did not want to restrict him. After all, how much can you restrict the movements of a toddler and how much can you physically protect your son throughout day and night. I used Good Knight Roll throughout our journey, after all just because you travel in AC Trains and Cars or even take a flight, there is no assurance in India that a mosquito will not bite you.

 Ever since, my dad had been admitted to the hospital because of dengue I am very scared of mosquito. Dengue mosquitoes generally bite during the day and therefore even while at home we ensure by using Good Knight Activ+ liquid vaporizer machine, so that the mosquitoes don’t spoil the happiness of our home. 

Well, we enjoyed the wedding amidst all the chaos and my son could play in the open areas without any fear. It was the best vacation of my life because I saw my son connect to his soil, his roots, without any fear. Thanks, Good Knight Fabric Roll On, you protected my son.

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