Confessions Of A Guilty Mother

Motherhood is a blessing indeed…

A mother’s heart always wants the best for her child…but in the process sometimes we end up compromising a lot of things either intentionally or unintentionally. Guilt is a feeling that is always a part of your emotions especially if you are a woman. Our Society is built in such a way, that at the end of the day a woman is made to feel guilty for her actions and inactions. While now time has come that atleast we talk and discuss about our guilt.

Here under are a few things that every mother including myself feels guilty about…..

1. Heading back to work

One of my professors once said, that women always went to work post marriage and children in India. Because in ancient India Agriculture was the main source of livelihood and women also worked in the fields carrying their children around their shoulders. It is only in recent modern times that often Women heading back to work post a child has been made an issue about.

Often our society ensures that Women who select their career along with their family are made to feel guilty about not spending much time with the child.

2. Selecting Family Over Career.

While many woman may willingly give up their career post marriage, most of them do it as a compromise for a happy life. Being a SAHM is not an easy task but alas, our society never appreciates the efforts she puts. If a child does anything wrong she is blamed for being ignorant and if the child achieves something, then the whole world comes to take credit for the same.

So ultimately, even if we select family over Career, we are made to feel guilty.

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