Buying Pure Gold For Re.1/- At Your Fingertips? What A Relief!

was surprised when I received an invite from Augmont Gold for the Bloggers Meet. Just like any woman, even I was curious about how can we buy Gold using an App, but then we are in the 21st century now and almost anything and everything is now available with the click of the finger.

Gold and Technology is a unique combination and I am an admirer of both.

Yes, I am a modern day woman who loves Gold, but is equally skeptical about using them daily because of safety issues in the city. I personally feel that Gold is the best investment for a woman for several reasons:

1.      Gold jewellery is a woman’s favorite companion

2.      Gold can be liquidated more easily than compared to mutual funds or traditional FD’s

3.      The Price of Gold is ever increasing.

4.      Gold can be easily mortgaged

Well, Gold is definitely one of the best investments but the other thing that bothers you is the security of the Gold. These days with increasing theft in the country, it is very difficult to wear the Gold, keep it at home or to even keep them in a bank locker (which charges a bomb and does not even assure security!!).

Given the present dilemma, Augmont Gold App definitely came to my rescue. The best part about Augmont App is that it is easy to book, charges less compared to the local jeweller and has minimum delivery charges, and because it is online transaction, there is no need to travel around with hard cash wrapped in ‘n’ number of paper bundles and plastic bags.

These days, a lot of e-commerce companies sell gold but what is it that makes Augmont better than your local jeweller? Here are 5 main differences between the procedure of buying Gold from Augmont and Local Jeweller:

1.Making & Delivery Charges

Local Jeweller: When you buy Gold Jewellery from your Local Jeweller, he will calculate the cost of your jewellery on the basis of the present day Gold Rate and add Making Charges. The making charges of a Jewellery or a coin is anywhere between Rs.250 to Rs. 500 or Rs.1000/- per gram. The fancier the jewellery, the more the making charge.

Augmont: Augmont Gold has  standard making charges, which means you will not be exploited in the name of making charges and therefore Gold purchased from Augmont Gold automatically becomes cheaper compared to the Local Jeweller.


Local Jeweller: How many times has it happened that you have placed an order for that tiny gold gift that you wanted to gift your cute niece on her naming ceremony but the jewellery failed to deliver it? Well, untimely deliveries and innumerable excuses are something that are very common with the local jewellery stores.

Augmont: They never fail to deliver, right from North East to Andamans to Kashmir, they have happy customers all over India, who could gift their relatives on time.

3.Quality of Gold

Local Jeweller: We all know that your local jeweller never fails to tell you during delivery- if you ever wish to sell this Gold Article, please come back to me, I will give you the best rate for it. Have you ever wondered why he does this? Well, obviously so that the other jeweller does not educate you about the impurities in the jewellery.   

Augmont: At Augmont, purity of Gold is given the highest priority. The Gold purchased through Augmont app is certified and therefore there is no doubt on the purity.


Local Jeweller: To be honest many women love gold and also assure that it is the best investment. So instead of paying making charges to the jeweller, you buy a gold coin, but where do you store it?  You need to get a bank locker for the same which means an additional expense, but are you sure the bank locker is a safe option?

Augmont: With Augmont, they offer you the provision to store your Gold in their Vault and also issue a certificate for the same. You can also visit the vault to see whether the gold purchased by you is safe or not and the best part, it is insured. What more does anybody want?

5. Selling your old Gold

Local Jeweller: Many-a-time we have observed while selling gold that we do not get the exact price that we had purchased it at. Even if you sell the Gold to the same article, the jeweller always has n number of excuses to reduce the amount when he has to buy the article from you.

Augmont: With Augmont App, you get the best market price for the Gold purchased through them; unlike the local jeweller Augmont does not reduce the price of the Gold.

For buyers who want to buy gold regularly in a disciplined way, there is the option of very convenient monthly SIPs, available in multiples of 1000. The gold bought on the Augmont App is physically stored in 100% secured lockers controlled and monitored by IDBI Trusteeship Services. The gold stored is so safe that even Augmont cannot access it unless the customer asks for doorstep delivery or decides to sell back to the company.

With these differences and benefits, quality Gold available at your fingertips, it is high time that we switch from traditional jewellers to the new Augmont App which can be easily downloaded from the PlayStore and AppStore.

You can download the App using the below link

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