A Woman’s Brains Are Above Her Shoulders And Not Below

Last Night I saw a web series called as ‘The Trip’, which is basically a story of 4 friends Ananya, Nazia, Shonali and Sanjana, who go on a road trip from Delhi to Bangkok to celebrate Ananya’s Bachelorrete. The basic idea of this trip is to fullfill all the unfulfilled desires. Though initially this may look like a modern and funky new show at the end of the day it uses the same boring TV soap formula. Apart from the badly placed products by the sponsors, what is more irritating are the forced low necklines and higher hemlines. I mean to look sexy poor Lisa Haydon, has to wear skimpy clothes and top it with an oversized shirt which then falls off her shoulders in every scene.

Just one question to the makers …. Why so desperate ?

Media has always objectified women and shown them as a weaker gender because they felt that is the only formula to win the male audience (because their ego is satisfied) and the female audience (because they can empathize or sympathize and relate to the character). The media has always created certain prejudice in the minds of the audience like Single women are single because they waiting for their Knight in Shining Armour, Aurat hi Aurat ki sabse badi dushman hai and so on.

Whilst, I was happy that finally the media is talking about friendship between women beyond their school and college age and the so called independent life. Yes friendship between women is not a fiction, its a reality. We can also relationships, where we support each other to grow. Dear Media, stop poisoning our friendships.

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