A Letter To My Friends – #MoreToMe

Dear Classmates, Collegues, Friends and whomever I know,

I am writing this letter to share that aspect of my life, which I always wanted to tell you….If possible please understand and give it a second thought……..

Sometimes, somethings in life come for a cost and yes I did pay a huge cost to be where I am.

Ever since my childhood, I had a fear to talking to people basically because I was scared, people would make fun of me but ironically I always did well in Debates and Elocution. One to one interaction was something that I always avoided due to which, people had already formed an opinion that I was proudly, arrogant, hates anyone who is inferior and always kept away from me.

They only approached me whenever they had work and ensured that they draw the line before they spoke a word to me. May be my fear of interacting with people, made others think that I was a no nonsense person, by the time I could realize this, it was way too late. School and College was over and guilt started overcoming, that I could not be popular and ended up being one of those, whom people approach only during work.

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Written by Aishwarya Sandeep

I am a practising Advocate from Mumbai and also write blogs on different platforms. I have my own YouTube Channel through which I intend to change the way law is taught in our Counrty. This Website is a platform that I use to express myself

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