A Letter To My Friends – #MoreToMe

Dear Classmates, Collegues, Friends and whomever I know,

I am writing this letter to share that aspect of  my life, which I always wanted to tell you….If possible please understand and give it a second thought……..

Sometimes, somethings in life come for a cost and yes  I did pay a huge cost to be where I am. 

Ever since my childhood, I had a fear  to talking to people basically because I was scared, people would make fun of me but ironically I always did well in Debates and Elocution. One to one interaction was something that I always avoided due to which, people had already formed an opinion that I was proudly, arrogant, hates anyone who is inferior and always kept away from me. 

They only approached me whenever they had work and ensured that they draw the line before they spoke a word to me. May be my fear of interacting with people, made others think that I was a no nonsense person, by the time I could realize this, it was way too late. School and College  was over and guilt started overcoming, that I could not be popular and ended up being one of those, whom people approach only during work. 

With time I became more rigid with whom I interact, I started setting my own benchmarks for people with whom I would interact. Fear followed by rigidity, deprived me an opportunity to interact with the world  on one to one basis. 

Today on this platform, I want to open up and say there is #MoreToMe that you do not know about. I equally love gossip and shopping just like you. I enjoy my trips to the parlour as much as I enjoy my trips to the Library. I may talk and blog about Politics and Social Welfare, but I do read more about Cooking and Beauty. I may not take trips that frequently but I equally enjoy my smallest trips. I may prefer luxury but comfort is always my priority. 

I am not able to spend time with you because I was always more concerned about the traffic and reaching home on time. Yes, a lot of restrictions were always made by me and they had nothing to do with you or my work. 

Today, when  I sit back and chat with my friends about College days, I realise all the things that I had missed (P.S. The personal gossip about others). The one question that arises in my mind during this situation is What was I doing when all this happened…to which my friends have a perfect reply…Busy in my own world …due to which I was spared of the unnecessary tension. 

Yes..there is #MoreToMe…, which you need to know………

Just because I am a mother, it does not restrict me to follow my passion.

Being a mother does not mean that my Career is over.

Yes I have additional responsibilities but with time I am learning to handle them. 

Afterall, I do not think that I had struggled and toiled through my school and college only so that one day I give up everything. 

Being a mother does not mean I cannot start my career afresh in Media, where looks matter a lot… 

With my Double Chin and wearing my heart on my sleeve I started with my own YouTube channel about the subject that matters to me a lot. 

It was always my dream to be a published author and when life gave me the chance I grabbed it and made by debut as an Author. 

There are still few things left, which I want to do in this lifetime and with time I am sure I will be able to complete it…

At 60, I do not want to sit back and think or tell my grandchildren..that I could have done this but due to marriage and children I could not…I want them to look at me and tell.. That Granny made it big despite the responsibilities. 

I am a pathetic cook, can cook only to survive, with zero housekeeping skills..but that does not mean I love my family less. 

There  is #MoreToMe, which I discover every single day..by living every moment….

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