A Hot, Spicy, Romantic Affair

P.S. Before you start reading this blog…I am writing this blog under heavy intoxication of the aroma of Chicken Curry being made in my Kitchen by my Mother in law. In case of any wrong references or if I hurt anyone’s feelings, kindly consider my helplessness…

Food, this word means different things to different people. For some, it is just a source of energy (ATPs), for some it is just a necessity, for some eating food is like doing a favour on someone but then for a few exceptions like me…food means a different emotion. Whilst some don’t understand, why some people make a big fuss about where to eat or the difference between eating a pani puri at Khao Galli or MM Sweets or the pani puri guy below your building, there are some who can write thesis on different types of Pani Puris available.

I am a shy foodie. I do not explicitly express my desire to eat in front of everyone but secretly even I dream about food more than John Abraham. Yes, the chicken fry and Chinese Egg Fried Rice come more frequently in my thoughts than my husband. I still remember the day when I was in my second year of BMM and had been struck by Jaundice. My father had bought an ayurvedic medicine (it literally resembled like tiny cow dung) and I was to have it empty stomach with boiled milk. No amount of convincing worked for me and I went back to sleep with the glass lying next to me. Suddenly I got a deja vu’ that I am eating nice red fried prawns. I immediately grabbed the glass of milk with the medicine and had it full.

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